Monday, October 27, 2008

Do not disturb

I'm trying to get used to the idea that only some very delimited parts of the city are safe, and that you should drive or be driven from one to the other. This evening I wanted to cross the pedestrian bridge from my hotel to the mall (full of restaurants) on the other side - but staff at reception said not to do it - "because there are no lights" and immediately called a driver - for a free shuttle service. So we drove a couple of kilometres to get to a point a hundred metres away. I then agreed with Mr. Massani, the driver, to pick me up ninety minutes later. Once in the mall everything was very calm and laid back. There were buskers in the car park singing and playing those instruments with metal prongs that you pluck - a wonderful African sound, very much at odds with the American style fake environment all around them.

I don't have a photo of the mall yet (partly because all malls are pretty much the same everywhere and partly because I've been told not to carry a camera around when I'm on my own, or in the evening) - so here's one of the very wonderful dolls used by the hotel as "do not disturb" and "clean my room" etc. signs.


Yana said...

Those dolls are definitely a very smart idea! I have one of them in the office (hung on the cork board next to my desk) but never thought of putting it on the door with the text "Do not disturb" :)) I could always say - it's an African professional hotels' manners!

Izz said...

Hey Marsian it is good they are taking care of your safety this way! Looks very beautiful with the trees... You will soon learn how certain behaviour is interpreted and you will know what not to do. I see such dolls for the first time:-)