Friday, March 20, 2009


In Italy, and perhaps other countries, "spinning" is something you do in a gym on a bike with no wheels (I've always thought spinners ought to be linked up to the national grid in some way, as an alternative source of energy). In SA I was puzzled by references in the media to spinning being a menace to the public and a massive irritation to people who live in neighbourhoods where it's practised, which seemed a bit over the top. Then this link explained it... impressive, but a skill of limited application, one would think.

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wetaman said...

Almost smeared along a wall in Angouleme France this winter by a badly executed spinner (sort of 300 degree spin!).. he was trying to impress (unsuccessfully) a lone girl at a bus stop. That was the only wheel spinning we saw (heard it first!) in France, and had us jumping into a doorway to avoid the noise, smoke and swerving metal.